Savira’s Hip-Hop jewellery collection celebrates the spirit of the Hip hop community that is now a worldwide movement. Jewellery has always been a part of the hip-hop artists’ ensemble and today it is a style trend and a personality statement. Hip Hop jewellery is worn as a symbolism by artists because it represents their journey to finding a voice and using it to broadcast their anti-racist and anti-slavery ideology. Hip Hop Jewellery has become an art form and is also symbolic of the cultural wealth the artists have acquired in their journey; despite their childhood poverty, drug-abuse, gang-wars and gun-fights. Inspired by artists and the movement, many find hip-hop jewellery as statement pieces, flashy and bling, to be worn in celebration of human accomplishment.
Today Hip hop Jewelry is all about your hustle. It is about celebrating the poetry, beat and dance elements of a movement that was born of the African-American community in America. It gave the under-dogs a chance to set their stories to a beat and hip-hop loud. A sub culture that created an entire lifestyle that is all about success against all odds. Hip-hop Jewellery is about being large and wearing your success loud and proud.
Hip hop jewellery collections are about large pendants, belt buckles, chunky-chains, iced-out watches, tooth grillz, diamond stud earrings and such alike. The show stopper piece of any hip-hop collection is the pendant as it identifies the wearer with the culture and draws the attention immediately. Savira’s latest collection of pendants - the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ celebrates the huge and beautiful heritage sights world over that were built on the back of slaves and took decades to build. Centuries later they stand as a testament to the power of the common people and their magnificent creations.
These pendants are representative of the ‘journeys’, the blood and sweat of the downtrodden and poor. Each of the seven pieces showcases the deep emotion these monuments represent. Each piece is carefully studded with diamonds, platinum and gold to flash bright and remind you that success must be worn unashamedly & unapologetically.

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