“Jewellery is in not unchanging. Life transforms it and makes it bend to its requirements’ - Coco Chanel
Feather Touch, Savira’s light jewellery collection is the perfect choice for the minimalist style diva. Crafted specially for the understated look, these miniature pieces of perfection are made from the finest gold, silver, platinum and diamonds and are designed for everyday use.
We have a decade long experience as jewellers in America and have launched the Feather Touch collection to match changing lifestyles. We have been part of every style and trend in jewellery fashion. The designs emphasize the personality of the modern woman who wants a fuss free jewellery experience where elegant and timelessness are essential.
The designs, delicate and dainty with a quaint beauty, add mystique and allure to you. The inspiration behind the Feather Touch range is the American woman who values her freedom, voice and choice. Whether in office, gym, boardroom or home, these simple yet beautiful jewels will add to your persona. The handcrafted pieces are versatile; use them to sparkle at a date or look elegant at a party or to match your daily office wear.
Our jewellery, made of the finest gold, platinum and silver, comes with certification. The diamonds, cut and polished to perfection, make you glow. Our earrings, bracelets, bangles and neck-wear are handcrafted just for you. Our range includes timeless classics to modern and quirky designs that will match the occasion and your mood.
For every occasion, every moment, there is a need to feel special. Savira’s lightweight collection does just that. Makes you wear the crown, each day of your life!

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