Savira. A Decade Old Story.  

It's An Art We Create

The magic of a paintbrush creates art out of a blank space. The art of creation allured us. We handpicked the finest of stones, polished them. We weaved tales of the world, spun imagination into magic. Thus was created Savira. Each piece tells a story. We are Savira, the storytellers.

A Tale Spun Over A Decade

Our journey through a decade saw us emerging as a leader in wholesale jewellery market in North America. Today, we are recognised for our design finesse, exclusivity and handcrafted excellence.

Our Inspiration

Diverse cultures, a wide array of global audience, motivate us. Our sketches on the drawing board tell a story of people across creeds, regions, lands. They inspire us to create tales of devotion, love, music, fun. Spun into finest pieces of art, which you wear.

We Are Entwined In Your Life

We bring you jewellery in gold and platinum, in diamonds and precious stone. We cater to your daily fashion needs. We adorn you on your big day. We embrace you in every milestone of your lifeā€¦big or small.

A Rainbow Of Collections

Our myriad collections delight every age group, across cultures. Feel like a bird soaring high in our FEATHERTOUCH fine jewellery. Sway with hip hop music in our bold and delightful BLING chains, rings and more. Revel in the glory of timeless antique temple jewellery with our truly heritage CHIRANTAN range of South Indian Jewellery.

Nothing But The Best For You

You never have to worry about quality. Our diamond jewellery is certified by GIA and Kimberly. We use only lab-tested gold. No more worries about pre and post sales services.


To curate the finest pieces of jewellery in gold, platinum and diamonds, for conneusseurs of luxury, through the perfect combination of expertise, quality and technology.


To be the preferred choice for timeless jewellery to our global audience, across cultures and regions. To be recognised worldwide for our design finesse, exclusivity and handcrafted excellence.

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